Celebrate Spring!

DSC04486Now that spring has finally arrived, and has decided to stay around for a while, I thought I’d share a few activities offered by BGFL that focuses on life cycles, habitats and animals. ENJOY!

Life Cycle of Plants– is a fun set of activities which helps students gain an understanding of the life cycle of plants. There also is an IWB version for those of you with a SMARTBoard!

Zip’s Plants– Zip is a bee who is an expert on plants! He likes to travel around and share his knowledge about parts of plants, pollination, how plants grow, etc. He also offers Zip’s challenge which is a 10 question quiz!

Hams Hall Pond is a wonderful interactive website that offers a variety of lessons and activities to teach and review the life cycle food chains and the classification of living things in their environments. When you click on the Pond Library option it will bring you to an amazing resource of pond inhabitants.

Animal Homes is a fun interactive website to help students understand animal habitats. The activity has 3 levels. Level 1 is a drag and drop exercise where the pupil tries to match the animal to its habitat. Level 2 displays a partially hidden animal in its habitat. The pupil drags the picture of the animal they think it might be into the habitat. Level 3 replaces the pictures of the animals with words.

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