U.S. Thanksgiving Resources

turkey_peeking_sm_clrWith Thanksgiving shining bright on my radar screen I wanted to remind everyone of the resources on my Thanksgiving page.  I would also recommend that you visit the Thanksgiving Resources posted by Jim Hollis over on Teachers Love SMARTBoards and Larry Ferlazzo’s Thanksgiving Resources  on his blog, Larry Felazzo’s Websites of the Day. There may be duplicates, but all worth checking out-ENJOY!

Below are some additional sites that I gathered as sites of the month (November) for our elementary wiki. ENJOY!
Welcome to a Pilgrim Village– a Scholastic e-book with audio support for the text.
The First Thanksgiving– a wonderful interactive website from Scholastic that offers some great activities to help students understand the life of Pilgrims. This site also provides audio support.
What Really Happened at the First Thanksgiving– an interactive site from Plymouth Plantation that allows students to be investigative historians. Very fun and very informative!
Fill in the Blanks- A Thanksgiving Story– listen to the Thanksgiving story and then complete the missing words in the paragraph by selecting the correct word from the drop down menu. Here is a linkto another similar activity. Again listen to the story and then complete the sentences from the drop down menu.
Match Thanksgiving words– click and drag the Thanksgiving words to match the picture.
Weekly Reader: The Story of Squanto– an interactive video story of Squanto complete with a quiz!
Weekly Reader: The Story of Johnny Appleseed-an interative video story of Johnny Appleseen complete with a quiz!
See if you can locate the differences between the Tom Turkeypictures, the Thanksgiving Postmanand the Mayflowers.
Thanksgiving Poems and Rhymes– click on the links to read the variety of poems and rhymes.
PBS The Colonial House– a wonderful site filled with several interactive activities to help you learn about life as a Pilgrim.


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