Bomomo brings colors to life!

Bomomo is a wonderfully fun site that allows students to express their artistic side. An art teacher friend of mine calls it ” Abstract Mouse Art”.  It reminds me of my days as a child when I would spend hours creating a design on my Etcher Sketch.  To use Bomomo you simply chose (click) one of the tools from the toolbar (there are 18 and they all do very cool things), move your mouse around and left click and hold to “paint”.  Just a word of caution, some of the tools will erase the paint so you may want to have students experiment with the tools so they understand their functions. This may help avoid a disaster! You can easily save and print your creation. This application is completely free, with no registration required and no ads- YEAH!

Here is a link to some Bomomo creations found on Flickr. The Bomomo that I created is below. ENJOY!

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