I just learned over at Twitter that 2 of my favorite blogs are winners of the 2008 Edublog Awards-YEAH!

Richard Byrne over at Free Technology for Teachers is like the energizer bunny of blog posts!  He is always posting (most days multiple posts) about free technology resources.  The one feature of his blog that I really appreciate is his “Application for Education” section. Richard always ends his post with ways to incorporate the information in a meaningful classroom lesson.  His ideas for using technology in the classroom inspire and motivate me to try things I may not have thought of without Richard– and for that I am very grateful. Richard is also always willing to assist anyone who might be, shall I say, a little less tech savy then he.  Richard is a true gem!

Jim Hollis over at Teachers Love SMARTBoards has been my “SMARTBoard Hero” for quite some time.  Jim truly lives by his motto “Sharing is Caring”. Jim’s blog is the most comprehensive blog regarding SMARTBoard resources, ideas, lessons and how-to videos.  Finding Jim’s blog when I first started using my SMARTBoard in the classroom was like winning the lottery!  He inspires and challenges so many teachers with his SMARTBoard wisdom.  It was Jim who encouraged me to start my own blog– a journey that has been such a wonderful learning experience for me.  I was just saying to a co-worker at school last week that the one gift I would love to get this Christmas would be a full day SMARTBoard training with Jim… it’s nice to have dreams!!!

So CONGRATULATIONS and great big THANK YOU to both Richard and Jim for not only writing and maintaining these fabulous blogs, but for being two generous, all around nice guys who are always willing to share what they know with others!

One thought on “CONGRATULATIONS!

  1. Thank you so much for your support. I really appreciate your positive comments. I learn from you every time you post something new. That’s what makes the edu-blogging community great.


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