Our Poems!

WIth much pride I want to share the poems that my students wrote this week.  As you will see, they are  creative, glorious, wonderful, AWESOME– simply the BEST!

Orange Door

Written by Richard

With some help from his friends!

May 29, 2008

 Like a mirror, he sees his face.

 Like a shadow, he moves right to left.

 Like a castle guard, he protects the door.

 Like a sunny day, he smiles and laughs.

 Like Elvis, he dances and sings.

Like the twilight zone, he stares and thinks.

 The orange door.


Michael\'s Poem- \


Written by Michael

May 28, 2008

 Play football outside.

Fun, throw, soft, brown.

 Play football with Brandon.

Catch, throw, run, fun!

 Mom throws football.

Catch it!

 Watch football on tv.

Team wears white t-shirts. 



Written by Jalina

May 29, 2008

 Beauty and the Beast

Belle, Beast, Mrs. Potts, Chip

Happy, married, dancing.

 The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

Grinch, Cindy, the dog.

Christmas tree, presents, chimney, sled.

 The Land Before Time

Littlefoot, Cera, Petrie.

Dinosaurs, big rock, walk, fire in sky.

 The Little Mermaid

Ariel, Flounder, Prince Eric, Scuttle, Sebastian, the witch.

Water, mermaid, human, marry prince.


Princess Fiona, the King, Donkey, Shrek.

Green, beautiful, married, happy.





Written by Rahsheen

May 29, 2008

 See cars on street

I see cars when I sleep.

 I like Tony’s silver car.

Go fast.

 Put seatbelt on.

Be safe.

 The wheels are spinning.

Turn radio up- LOUD!

 Sit in the back seat.

Go to park.

 Red cars are cool.

I like cars.


 Shelly Likes…

 Written by Lachelle

May 28, 2008

 Shelly likes to draw pictures

Pencil, paper, color crayons.

 Shelly likes Chinese Food.

Chicken fingers, rice, sauce.

 Shelly likes Mommy’s car.

Black, nice, small, fast.

 Shelly like to swim.

Pool, bathing suit, kick feet.

 Shelly likes cookouts.

Hamburger, salad, ketchup, soda.

 Shelly likes the Mall.

Shoes, shirts, pants.

 Shelly likes her nails painted.

LaTonya, polish, green, red.

 Shelly likes school.

Bus, computer, cut and paste, friends.




Written by Lillybeth

May 29, 2008

 Mommy beautiful.

Mommy watch Novelas on t.v.

 Mommy does my hair, pretty.

Go to dollar store. Buy socks.

 George, my brother.

We play Mario game. It’s good!

 Christian, my brother, in Army.

He’s leaving. Sad.

 Miguel, my brother.

Play Sonic. Draw picture.

 Julio, my friend.

He’s working. School.

 Abulita in Puerto Rico.

Miss her.



 Wario: One Man Justice

Written by Scott

May 27, 2008

 Wario is ugly.

Big nose and chin.

 Teases and laughs.


 Loves treasure coins.

Fights characters to get them.

 Has a motorcycle.

Big engine, loud and cool.

 Wants all the power.

Powerful attacks and crazy moves.

 He defeats them all.

One man justice!


 Mario: My Hero

Written by Scott

May 27, 2008

 Mario like adventures

My hero.

 Battles enemies against castle forces.

Sworn enemies.

 Young and cool.

Pet dinosaur, Guishi.

 Final showdown in King’s Castle.

Saves Princess Peach.


3 Responses to “Our Poems!”

  1.   Jean Haley Says:

    It is always amazes me—the wonderful work your students do. You all must be so proud but especially the kids. Seeing thier faces, makes me miss them all themore so please tell them so. Tell them too that I love their work. It will be published When????
    Have a safe and restful summer. Jeanne

  2.   anne marie Says:

    Thanks for your kind comment Jeanne! We all miss you LOTS!

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