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SMART Notebook Game Templates

Recently I was in a 3rd grade classroom and observed a very creative and engaging vocabulary review with an Easter twist. When I asked the teacher about the Notebook lesson she informed me that she discovered the pre-made template on the SMART Exchange. With a little further investigation I learned that the Easter Kooshball Template was created by Mr. Mein (6th grade Language Arts Teacher in Texas) and that he also has shared several other Game templates on the SMART Exchange. So a big THANK YOU to Mr. Mein for sharing these wonderful templates! ENJOY!

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Water Cycle SMART Notebook Lesson

Water Cycle I created a quick lesson for a 4th grade teacher who was instructing her class about the water cycle, so I thought I would share.  This lesson comes complete with two worksheets that accompany the lesson to help keep students focused during the lesson and to review what they learned (complete a water cycle diagram).  The worksheets are in the Attachments feature. ENJOY!

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Flag Day

Historyofflag[1]- I created this SMART Notebook lesson on the history of the United States flag last year in preparation of a Flag Day (June 14th) celebration.  In light of flag day being right around the corner I thought I would share. Click on the link to open/download the lesson. ENJOY!

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Memory Game

Memorygame  I created a simple memory game template using Fact Flippers from the Activity Toolkit that I thought others might be able to use. Click on the link to open/download the Notebook file. ENJOY !

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Notebook Lessons- Antonyms & Synonyms

Thought I would share two SMART Notebook lessons I created as quick Antonym and Synonym reviews.  Each of the lessons also  includes websites to reinforce these skills. ENJOY!  AntonymsNov08   synonyms nov 08

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St. Patrick’s Day Activities & Notebook Lesson

With St. Patrick’s Day just a few days away I thought I’d share a few resources that might be helpful.  The first resource is a St. Patrick’s Day Quiz I created using SMART Notebook.  It is a  quick, fun quiz about legends and traditions regarding St. Patrick’s Day.  The other links will bring you to websites that will have intercative activities and lessons about this day to be Irish! Many will work well on the SMARTBoard.

St Patrick Day Quiz Click on this link to download the St. Patrick’s Day Quiz I created using SMART Notebook. ENJOY!

SMART Exchange  also has several Notebook lessons in all subject areas and grade levels, available on their site.

BBC- this site will bring you to a great interactive book on the history of St. Patrick’s Day- ENJOY!
Apples for the Teacher an ebook about the history of Ireland created by a 6th grade class from Leixlip, Ireland. Scroll to the middle of the page to see the ebook. Click on the green arrows to view the pages.
History Channel- various information on St. Patrick’s Day
Woodland Junior School in Great Britain- information about the history of St. Patrick’s Day- scroll down the page to read all of the information.
EL Civics- a brief history of St. Patrick’s Day.
MES Games- match the St. Patrick Day pictures to the words- Good Luck!
St. Patrick’s Day Quiz- Fill in the blanks to complete the sentences about St. Patrick’s Day. use the drop down menu to check your answers.
St. Patrick’s Day Hangman- play this game of hangman with a St. Patrick’s Day twist!
Click and Drag Puzzles- rearrange the puzzle pieces to create the pictures. Click on the following links to try other puzzles- Puzzle 2, Puzzle 3, Puzzle 4
St. Patrick’s Day Word Search-find the St. Patrick Day words.
The Jigzone has a fun puzzle- put the leprachaun hat back together.
The Three Leprachauns- this is  an online animated story written by Daniel, age 10, by Silly Books.                                                        

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Famous Americans Jeopardy Lesson

FamousAmericansJeopardynovideo  Sharing a Jeopardy activity I created for a 5th grade Famous American review using the template from Cerese Godfrey.   Students in this 5th grade class chose a Famous American (disclaimer for Wayne Gretzky and Houdini) and then completed research culminating in creating an informational poster about their person.  As a review I asked the teacher if I could create a Jeopardy game and she agreed!  It was quite fun, and yes educational! I also should mention that I had added several videos ot the original game, but unfortunately I had to remove many of them to make the file small enough to upload.  There reaction of the students to be able to actually see Dorothy Hamill’s gold medal skating performance in the 1976 Olympics and to hear May Angelou recite her poem  “And Still I Rise” was very positive.

When a student clicked on a slide it brought them to a page with a picture of the famous person.  Under the picture was an orange oval  that when clicked revealed the name to see if they were correct.   The student who had reported on that person would then come to the SB to facilitate questions and answers about their “person”.  They then clicked on the answer link and we reviewed the information. Just as an FYI- since the numbers on the main page do not change when clicked, to keep track of the slides that had been used I had the students use the read SB Marker to circle the number before clicking on it to navigate to the page.  ENJOY!

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Dr. Seuss

drseusscatWith the,  birthday of Dr. Seuss being tomorrow, March 2nd,  and because I taught in Springfield for over 12 years, I thought I’d share a few resources to find activities and lessons about this fantastic author! 

The SMART Exchange has five Notebook lessons and one Web Quest with Dr. Seuss themes. The lessons are geared for grades 1-4. Click here for that link. 

Web English Teacher offers links to several activities and lessons plans with a Dr. Seuss theme. Click here for that link.

AtoZ Teacher Stuff also offers several activities and lessons plans with a Dr. Seuss theme. Click here for that link.

Kid Thing is offering four free e-books to celebrate the NEAs Read Across America Program in honor of Dr. Seuss. This offer is good through March 31, 2010.  Click here for that link.

Miss Steen’s Technology Class Resource Page is overflowing with links to several links with a Dr. Seuss theme.  This is definitely one to check out.  A BIG T hank You to Miss Steen for sharing these amazing resources. Click here to access that page.

Pete’s PowerPoints has a large selection of premade PowerPoint lessons and activities. Click here for that link.

PBS has a nice website that looks at the Political side of Dr. Seuss and his books. Great lessons and activities for older students. Click here for that page.

Apples For the Teacher offers several links to lessons and activities. Click here for that link.

BrainPop offers a nice video about the life of Dr. Seuss. Click here for that link. I need to thank my friend Sarah for telling about this resource.  As you may know BrainPop is a subscription based application, but you can apply for a free trail to access this, and other, videos.

The Dr. Seuss National Memorial Sculpture Garden at The Springfield Museums is another place to access information about Dr. Seuss. Click here for that website.

And last but not least if you are looking for Dr. Seuss themed interactive activities and games you must head over to Seussville.  It is filled with many activities that emulate Dr. Seuss-like FUN!  Click here for that link.

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Valentine’s Day Notebook Lessons

heart_arrow_february_14_sm_clrThe wonderful Obe Hostetter, of the infamous SMARTBoard Revolution Ning , has posetd links to several Valentine’s Day SB Notebook lessons.  A big THANK YOU to Obe! ENJOY!

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Notebook Lessons to Share

Today is a snow day so I have a little time to catch up on all of the things I have had on my “to do” list since 2009– one of which is to post/share more of the lessons I have created. So below are three SMART Notebook lessons I have created for the elementary teachers. ENJOY!

testtakingcharacters this is a lesson created to review test taking skills with elementary students.

visualizing- this lesson was created to teach/review visualization for 3rd graders.  Here is a link the post of our end result after using this lesson.

graphsgrade3- this is a lesson on introducing bar graphs to 3rd graders.  I adapted this lesson from a lesson I found on the SMART Exchange.

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