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Winter Holidays from Scholastic

Scholastic offers a very nice interactive activity that highlights the three Holidays of winter- Christmas. Kwanzza and Hanukkah. Click on one of the scrapbooks to enter/view the information for each holiday. Once you enter each scrapbook you can click on the various items to learn more about each holiday and it’s traditions.  This presents well on the SMARTBoard. ENJOY!

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St. Patrick’s Day Activities & Notebook Lesson

With St. Patrick’s Day just a few days away I thought I’d share a few resources that might be helpful.  The first resource is a St. Patrick’s Day Quiz I created using SMART Notebook.  It is a  quick, fun quiz about legends and traditions regarding St. Patrick’s Day.  The other links will bring you to websites that will have intercative activities and lessons about this day to be Irish! Many will work well on the SMARTBoard.

St Patrick Day Quiz Click on this link to download the St. Patrick’s Day Quiz I created using SMART Notebook. ENJOY!

SMART Exchange  also has several Notebook lessons in all subject areas and grade levels, available on their site.

BBC- this site will bring you to a great interactive book on the history of St. Patrick’s Day- ENJOY!
Apples for the Teacher an ebook about the history of Ireland created by a 6th grade class from Leixlip, Ireland. Scroll to the middle of the page to see the ebook. Click on the green arrows to view the pages.
History Channel- various information on St. Patrick’s Day
Woodland Junior School in Great Britain- information about the history of St. Patrick’s Day- scroll down the page to read all of the information.
EL Civics- a brief history of St. Patrick’s Day.
MES Games- match the St. Patrick Day pictures to the words- Good Luck!
St. Patrick’s Day Quiz- Fill in the blanks to complete the sentences about St. Patrick’s Day. use the drop down menu to check your answers.
St. Patrick’s Day Hangman- play this game of hangman with a St. Patrick’s Day twist!
Click and Drag Puzzles- rearrange the puzzle pieces to create the pictures. Click on the following links to try other puzzles- Puzzle 2, Puzzle 3, Puzzle 4
St. Patrick’s Day Word Search-find the St. Patrick Day words.
The Jigzone has a fun puzzle- put the leprachaun hat back together.
The Three Leprachauns- this is  an online animated story written by Daniel, age 10, by Silly Books.                                                        

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Make a Snowflake!

The Library Media Specialist at the Middle School sent me the most wonderful snowflake this morning that she has made online!! This site, Snowflake Workshop, is awesome as it give you a brief history of how snowflakes have been studied, etc.  Snowflake Workshop  wonderful using the SMARTBoard as the students would simply drag/click the objects (pencil, scissors, etc) to create the snowflakes.  Once created you complete a card to send your snowflake to someone (a unique URL is also created)- ENJOY!

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Happy Thanksgiving!



Wishing everyone celebrating Thanksgiving today a day filled with family and friends, fun and laughter, health and peace, rest and relaxation, football games and pumpkin pie! ENJOY!

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U.S. Thanksgiving Resources

turkey_peeking_sm_clrWith Thanksgiving shining bright on my radar screen I wanted to remind everyone of the resources on my Thanksgiving page.  I would also recommend that you visit the Thanksgiving Resources posted by Jim Hollis over on Teachers Love SMARTBoards and Larry Ferlazzo’s Thanksgiving Resources  on his blog, Larry Felazzo’s Websites of the Day. There may be duplicates, but all worth checking out-ENJOY!

Below are some additional sites that I gathered as sites of the month (November) for our elementary wiki. ENJOY!
Welcome to a Pilgrim Village- a Scholastic e-book with audio support for the text.
The First Thanksgiving- a wonderful interactive website from Scholastic that offers some great activities to help students understand the life of Pilgrims. This site also provides audio support.
What Really Happened at the First Thanksgiving- an interactive site from Plymouth Plantation that allows students to be investigative historians. Very fun and very informative!
Fill in the Blanks- A Thanksgiving Story- listen to the Thanksgiving story and then complete the missing words in the paragraph by selecting the correct word from the drop down menu. Here is a linkto another similar activity. Again listen to the story and then complete the sentences from the drop down menu.
Match Thanksgiving words- click and drag the Thanksgiving words to match the picture.
Weekly Reader: The Story of Squanto- an interactive video story of Squanto complete with a quiz!
Weekly Reader: The Story of Johnny Appleseed-an interative video story of Johnny Appleseen complete with a quiz!
See if you can locate the differences between the Tom Turkeypictures, the Thanksgiving Postmanand the Mayflowers.
Thanksgiving Poems and Rhymes- click on the links to read the variety of poems and rhymes.
PBS The Colonial House- a wonderful site filled with several interactive activities to help you learn about life as a Pilgrim.


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EL Civics for ESL Students

During a Google search for Thanksgiving activities/lessons I came across this awesome website called EL Civics for ESL Students. It is filled with many mini lessons on civics, US Holidays, Famous Americans, Life Skills, US Geography, etc.  The site also provides worksheets and activities to accompany the lessons.  All of the lessons would present well on the SMARTBoard.  There is a gold mine of information that is presented in easy to read format, complete with visual supports.  I would highly recommend taking a look at this site- ENJOY!

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Rhyming Words

I have discovered some very cool, and new to me, sites that help assist with reinforcing and reviewing rhyming that I wanted to share. The first is by Golden Books called Cat at Bat.  This activity simulates a baseball game- every correct answer scores a run and every wrong answer is an out.  Players read the word that appears on the bulletin board and if the pitcher throws a word that rhymes with that word they would click on the word.  This activity works well on the SMART Board.

The BBC Little Animals Activity Center also has a fun activity to reinforce rhyming.  It offers three difficulty levels.  Players must match the rhyming words that appear on the screen. If they pick the correct answer the ground hog will digdown to the word.  This activity does have audio support and works well with the SMARTBoard.

PBS has a very cute, fun short rhyming video/activity  starring Grover which presents well on the SMART Board. The younger children LOVE watching this one! ENJOY!

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Veterans Day

Here are a few sites that I have used to discuss Veterans Day. ENJOY!

The first is a website that offers various Powerpoints on Veteran’s Day.

VA Kids has a nice word jumble game. This works well on the SMARTBoard since you click and drag the letters to complete the game.

Education World has a basic webquest of Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. It asks students to explore the Unknown Soldier website and then answer 5 questions.

The History Channel offers a video on the History of Veteran’s Day (3:32 minutes).Plays well in full screen mode on the SMARTBoard. There are several other videos in the playlist that discuss various aspects of Veterans. The Story of Veterans Day (21:05 minutes) is particularly good. There also is an interesting “Did You Know” page that offers interesting facts regarding Veterans.

EL Civics has a very nice short explanation of the histry and origin of Veterans Day, complete with pictures.

Larry Ferlazzo also has an excellent resource page, listing several sources to find information on Veterans Day.

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Snow Globes

In honor of our snow day I thought I’d share some fun sites that have a snow globe theme.  As the song says….”Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow”! ENJOY!

1. The Weepies - click and drag the globe to shake up the folks inside–complete with music!

2. Penguin Playground - shake up the penguins as they slide down the ice hill.

3. Snow Globe card- pretty to watch and delightful to listen to!

4. GushyGram- a funny snow globe Christmas e card to personalize with your own photos.

5. Sony Ericsson snow globe - a nice  Christmas e card that gives you a gallery of predesigned snow globes or the option to design your own snow globe complete with your own photo

5. Boy in a Globe- ever wonder what it’s like to live in a snow globe? Then watch this 2007 CBS video.

6. Elf Yourself- ok so this one doesn’t have a snow globe theme but it is such a fun, jolly, elfing card from Office Max that I had to include it on the list! 


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Hanukkah Activities

 Hanukkah begins this year at sundown on December 21st. So I thought I would list some activities that I have used in the past with my students to introduce them to this holiday.
Hanukkah Jisgsaw Puzzles from offers 4 jigsaw puzzles in three different difficulty level that work great on the SMARTBoard. It does not give you a preview of the finished pictures.
Dreidel Spin from the Jewish Outreach Center- this was the best dreidel activity I found- very realistic. It also offers very good directions and an explanation of the game.  It works wonderful on the SMARTBoard.
Hanukkah match game- basically a concentration game, matching symbols.
Hanukkah Lights- allows you to drop and drag objects to create a menorah.
The Hanukka House- a wonderful activity to expose/teach/reinforce the Hebrew language. Students read the Hebrew words on the left and when they drag them to the frame the object appears which allows them to create a Hanukkah House. Great to use on the SMARTBoard.
Hanukkah Jumble Word Game- unscramble the word (can not move the letters using mouse so students would have to have paper and pencil available) and then click on the word to reveal the answer. this site has several Hanukkah activities for the classroom. In the multimedia section there are some very good short videos (can be viewed in full screen) regarding Hanukkah traditions. Defintely worth checking out.
Sue Ellen’s scrapbook from PBS- offers a very nice book about the history and tradition of Hanukkah. It would present well on the SMARTBoard. they have some books with a Hanukkah theme. I particulary like to use “Hanukkak Haiku” written by Harriet Zeifert since the illustrations are beautiful.  “The Only One Club” by  Jane Naliboff is a good story to discuss student differences and acceptance. Both books present well on the SMARTBoard.
I hope this list helps all who are looking for Hanakkah resources- ENJOY!
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