Mister Thread

 In the past I have recommended and shared Todays Meet with anyone interested in using a backchannel forum in their classroom.  I like Todays Meet because it is very simple to set up and is free of advertising.  But for some teachers the one feature missing was the option to password protect your Todays Meet backchannel.  Well I recently learned of a back channel that offers both simplicity and password protection called Mister Thread  so I wanted to share.

mrthreadMister Thread is another free service for creating your own back channel forum.  Creating your forum (or thread) is as simple as naming it and clicking the “create the thread” tab.  Other options available when creating your back channel would be to enter a password that all visitors would need to enter to join your thread and you can also enter your email address to give yourself the option to remove your thread.  Once you click “create the thread” you are given a unique URL that you then share with people you want to participate in your conversation.  Currently Mister Thread is in beta but the site indicates that “the basic features are free and additional features will follow soon.” ENJOY!

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