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Recently I was in a 3rd grade classroom and observed a very creative and engaging vocabulary review with an Easter twist. When I asked the teacher about the Notebook lesson she informed me that she discovered the pre-made template on the SMART Exchange. With a little further investigation I learned that the Easter Kooshball Template was created by Mr. Mein (6th grade Language Arts Teacher in Texas) and that he also has shared several other Game templates on the SMART Exchange. So a big THANK YOU to Mr. Mein for sharing these wonderful templates! ENJOY!

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  1.   Mr. Mein Says:

    Thanks so much for the kind remarks! Always great to hear when teachers are using my games! I have many MANY more, but have only published the 10 on the Smart Exchange. Please e-mail me for more games [email protected]. I would also love to come do some training for your faculty staff development.
    The SMART Board really is a great tool as long as people USE IT!!!!
    -Mr. Mein

  2.   Mr. Mein Says:

    So funny to see comments about my games on a blog that I follow! I actually have many more games to share, but have decided to only release 10 on the SMART Exchange. If anyone is interested in more games, please e-mail me at [email protected]. I will also be available this summer offering staff development. You can probably get my training cheaper than anywhere else! Thanks for the comment!
    -Mr. Mein

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