Free Elementary Activities to Use on SMARTBoard

I came across 6 free sample Spark Island activities that I found on that work great on the SMARTBoard.  Each game is interactive, engaging, animated and fun! There are 2 games each that address Numeracy, Literacy and Science skills.  The Learning Outcomes are based on objectives from Wales, Northern Ireland and England, but would be appropriate for just about any learning environment.  In addition to the activities they also provide teachers with other options such as teaching suggestions and printable resources.

For literacy there is It’s A Goal which asks students to chose the correct vowel to spell basic CVC words.  The correct answer ellicits a goal! Spin to Win is my favorite! It reinforces the use of prefixes and suffixes using a very cool word spinner.

For Science there is Animal Magic which asks students to group animals according to observable similarities and differences and Home Sweet Home uses scientific evidence to explain why animals live where they do.

For Numeracy there is Play Your Cards Right which uses probability to make guesses in a card game and Down on the Farm reviews basic counting to 5.

Hope these activities help you as you plan your SB lessons for 2009- ENJOY!!

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  1.   Corina Says:

    These are great! I can’t wait to share them with the K-3 teachers on my campus. Thanks.

  2.   anne marie Says:

    You are very welcome! I was really excited when I found them!!

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