The Wright Brothers

 Not only did the Boston Celtics win the NBA Championship last night –WHAT A GAME!!!– but today was the last day of school today-YEAH!  Another successful school year with some wonderful student achievements and thanks to the encouragement of my friend Jim Hollis from Teachers Love SMARTBoards I have many of these achievements documented in my own Blog, which is GREAT!  I have had many AA-HAA moments, learning and sharing and meeting some wonderful people- starting this Blog has been one of my greatest accomplishments.  Anyway, tomorrow I leave for Florida to spend some time with my mom so naturally I have been thinking of the plane flight- not my favorite thing to do-and thought I’d share a very good website that I came across when teaching a a lesson about The Wright Brothers. It’s a Discovery Channel Feature: First in Flight.  There are 5 sections, all interactive to varying degreees, very educational and presents well using the SMART Board.  The Early Flight Movie Theatre has 4 original movies showcasing some of the first flights ever- how cool is that?! The Story in Pictures offers 3 options- Inventing the Airplane (slide show with audio) is great!  So go, explore and learn about some pioneers of flight!  And when you’re ready for your students to try their skill at flying a plane, check out to learn how to design 10 cool paper airplanes.  The really neat thing about this site is that it offers animated folding instructions and for folks like myself, who learn best with visuals, this is a HUGE plus! Have fun!

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