Germs & Hand Washing

Each and every day, whenever the opportunity arises within the classroom, we  discuss the importance of good hygiene to battle the war against germs- especially the importance of washing your hands!  Today our school nurse, Ms.  Charlotte, followed up with her lesson on when, why and how to wash your hands.   Ms. CharlotteMs. Charlotte and gangMs. Charlotte and Richard

When she was finished we then switched gears to the SMARTBoard so we could reinforce Ms. Charlotte’s lesson by using the website  Find the Germs. To play this interactive activity students drag the magnifying glass over the hand to find the 5 different germs and learn about them. Great to use on the SMARTBoard. To incorporate even more fun, while learning, I used the NSF Scrub Club Games Page  which has 6 games to explore, most appropriate for the SMARTBoard. The Scrub Club also has a webisode: “The Good, the BAC, and the Ugly” about hand washing and bacteria. Three of the Scrub Club games are also part of the webisode- the first two games work great with the SMARTBoard.

If you’re not lucky enough to have a Ms. Charlotte to come and speak to your class about germs and hand washing I did find a few free videos that might be helpful. Public Health Hand Washing Video: you can watch the entire video or view video clips.

A fun, quick 30 second video to review how to wash your hands can be found at Did You Wash Them from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

Henry the Hand Visits School is a cute video for younger aged children, reinforcing the how and why of hand washing.

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4 Responses to “Germs & Hand Washing”

  1.   Jason Says:

    Dear Anne Marie

    Thank you for these timely websites and videos. I have a bit of a bug going around my classroom at the moment so I’ll use these in my next health lesson. I enjoyed the Henry video and I’m sure that my Year 2′s will love it too. I’ve added them to my account for future use. Thanks for sharing the useful sites


  2.   anne marie Says:

    Hi Jason-
    Nice to meet you and you are very welcome!

  3.   Dawn Says:

    Anne Marie,

    I am so excited about this blog. It seems like a teacher resource and student showcase simultaneously. I am so looking forward to my training session with you and always feel rewarded to see how the investment you have in your students shows.


  4.   anne marie Says:

    Thank you Dawn for taking the time to check out the Blog, for your kind words and especially for your continued support/assistance this year- it means a lot.

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